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What is the most important trait of a researcher? : the idea of high IQ falls apart 

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Based on an online poll in the CAPES (official) scholarship group, I document my surprise to see IQ come in almost last place, and curiosity to rank first!

"A mature scientist with an adult IQ of 130  is as likely to win the Nobel Prize as is one whose IQ is 18th." 

British psychologist Liam Hudson,


"In no way am I worried about what people think, I'm worried about the impact on young people, how that limits the amount of genius people in science and technology. People can think what they want to 'take a shower in a hat, or wait Noel.” The problem is when it starts to limit our scientific progress.” (pp. 19-20)

"What makes the poem universal is the pain that unites us as humans, so psychology manages to be universal, like physics with its simple and applicable laws on earth and in paradise." (p. 7)

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you” Steve Jobs, (p. 15)

"I have always believed in this, I witnessed many situations in which other skills stood out in an important way in relation to a high IQ" Igor Paiva Leite, CAPES Scholars (Official), Facebook, book promotion

I have been looking for several ways to learn online, to use social networks well. Something I thought was cool were the polls; basically, all social networks have this option, with Facebook™ being, in my opinion, the “hottest”, “peeling”.

Let's use an online poll as a discussion objective.
Despite points raised about these polls, I think that if used carefully, not wanting to cross the line of conclusions, can be an excellent way to reflect on a given subject; don't try to have a party with the president with “cantinho da serra wine”. That's what we're going to do in this work. Let's reflect on an online poll I did, without claiming that it's accurate, without claiming that the numbers represent reality.

Possible contribution to the literature
I may have discovered a collective illusion: the illusion of genius as the best researcher
During this work, I tried to push you, perhaps not with the most appropriate tools, the thesis that: genius in terms of IQ is not the most important requirement for success in academia.

Is genius a mimetic desire, a collective illusion?
In part, no, because we can't become Einstein, at least not that I'm aware of, that I'm aware of. But we can desire, and when we can't, we give up; this generates frustration, this generates premature and groundless giving up.

Part of the contribution I would like to make with this work is not for experienced researchers, although I think that even masters and doctoral students could benefit, people reach maturity at different times. As an example, I only started studying communication and emotional intelligence after my first post-doctorate, where I saw that you need to learn these skills, some of which we talk about in this work.

I would like to influence mainly high school students, or even elementary school students, to follow an academic career, for the good of all, of Brazilian society, but with the correct values. This work sought to present, even if in an incipient way, lacking further studies, the important traits for a good researcher. Not just to present, within the limits of a Facebook poll, to show what researchers currently in the field think. It would be like, in my imagination: young researchers send a message to potential researchers,

"IQ is not the most important thing, here are some suggestions of what you can work on to increase your chances of success. Best of all, all traits can be worked on, cultivated."

"The power is yours!" Capitain planet

Resources in Tests on this Kindle

  1. Comments collected from online interactions, from Facebook groups, from fellows: CAPES(Oficial), FAPERJ, and CAPES;

Based on
What is the most important trait of a researcher? the idea of high IQ falls apart
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