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Nonviolent communication and scientific research (young researcher)

Nonviolent Communication is a way of life started by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, it has gained acceptance worldwide. One of the applications is in education. We focus on how this way of thinking and living, which focuses on life, on people, can be incorporated into scientific research. We need more humanized and mechanized research.

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some reflection

I always advocate that we should think, first of all. A thinker is better than someone full of ready-made techniques. CNV was born that way, the creator observed what the great, people who fought against violence, did and sought.

A country without passive violence

The coolest thing about reality is that she doesn't give a damn about our opinions. Brazil is the only country in the world that has put an end to corruption, according to the current government, and the only country that does not have passive violence in universities, according to a survey of fellows (11%).

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