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My Story

Young researcher's pocket manual: from scientific initiation to postdoctoral studies, vol. 1.: scientific initiation

What is Scientific Initiation?
The scientific method is the process by which we seek to study the world around us using pre-established tools and methodologies. In addition to these tools and methodologies, we have “people” who interact to apply these tools and methodologies to solve problems in our society.
Scientific Initiation (CI) can be seen as the first contact with this ecosystem (people + methodologies and tools + institutions). Put this way, it is extremely important that this period is well done. When possible, instructions are given.

The student does not need to wait for the "master of magicians" to appear, take control of this phase by learning on your own, this ebook intends to help you in this search.

My history with CI
I took IC at the end of my graduation: I got second place in a local fair, where several presented their work. In my work, I applied Product Engineering and statistical methods to the study of neonatal jaundice (“yellow”); In parallel, I worked on other projects, such as Evolutionary Strategy, Product Life Cycle Analysis and Operations Research.

I continued my academic career, because I loved IC: I did my master's, doctorate and postdoc.

Why an ebook in Scientific Initiation
Maybe just my opinion, however, there are important points of the academic career that seem to be placed as “data”, in the background. I once read in a doctoral book that some consider that “teaching to do a doctorate” would be impossible, a doctorate would be like “throwing people into the water”, whoever survives, becomes a doctor. If someone dared to teach how to do a doctorate, why not IC, which would be the starting point for a doctorate?

In this ebook I'm not ambitious enough to cover everything you need to know, but it does offer what I believe to be essential; focus on my experience, as it is something easy to pass on, and which can be valuable for someone starting out.
Good studies!
This ebook features:

  • Exercises for reflection;

  • Online blog continuing the discussions;

  • Forum;

  • Website dedicated to the ebook;

  • Possibility to speak with the author;

  • podcast;

"I come to thank you for the opportunity you gave us, to know your works. I am reading your materials as a reference manual to work with scientific initiation at elementary school II
Thank you in advance." Prof. Osvaldo Sousa Silva, through a form on the eBook website

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