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The Hidden Habits of Genius: commentary

"Picasso could not remember the sequence of the letters in the alphabet and saw symbolic numbers as literal representations: a 2 as the wing of a bird or a 0 as a body. Standardized tests might have failed to recognize all those geniuses."The Hidden Habits of Genius, book by Craig M. Wright

First of all, I totally recommend the book, it is an awesome reading. As I am reading, I cannot stop wondering:

how much are we giving value to those metrics even after graduating? Even after high school, and graduating, how much can we still predict success?

"Like an IQ test, the SAT correlates with better grades in high school and the first year of college, as well as with later success and higher earnings in a few specialized fields."

Even though I am not a genius, I used to be good at reasoning, and until my master of science, I used to be good; on this level, I have found people that were really good at what I was good at, math.

During undergrad, I used to study alone, ashamed sometimes of my "metaphoric way of reasoning": I think better if "I see things", some could be even strange and ackward, once I told a girlfriend how I remember of her during a math reasoning, she was like "what the hell?". For instance, as I think about wave frequencies, I can see something going faster as the wave lenght goes smaller. This is just one example, but others can be even more "strange". I do understand they are metaphors, and they may not make sense to others. Sometimes I think that everyone has the same madness in mind, but people are afraid of admit it.

My point is: maybe we should truly, not just say and wonder how awesome someone turned to be, and how weird they were: just accept people on their weirdness.

Once I saw a joke: a person decided whether someone was crazy on how they got something correct. After one passing the test, he asked, how did you arrived to the result. The person replied with a mad pathway to arrive to the result. It does matter! The answer was correct!😂🤣

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