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Author's notes

This material was produced to help with the proposal to regulate the profession of researcher, currently in the Senate. Any person involved, and who proves it, will have free access to the material. This is my way of contributing to the growth of Brazilian science, as the government contributed to my growth by funding my doctorate and postdoc.

I helped the proponent to create the audio for the Senate, however, 10 minutes is too little to talk about something so complex, so difficult, that can affect so many lives and careers; any misstep can create regulation that will create more problems than it solves. Even this work, in my view, still leaves something to be desired. Discussion with the scientific community must be the way, that the proposal is built by several hands!

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Some features being tested on this Kindle

  • Email the author directly. For this you need to have an email box set up on your computer;

  • Access points in the book by link when mentioned – this is done manually, chosen when the author deemed this feature necessary;

  • External links embedded in the right spot – in  instead of footnotes; 

I hope you enjoy. Do not forget to send your opinion . Click that link and see what happens!


Image by Andrew Dunstan

Hello everyone, we sent a 10-minute audio to the Senate about the proposal to regulate the profession of researcher. For such a delicate subject, 10 minutes is too short. So I decided to document my version of the story in ebook form.

I invite you to read my version on the Amazon Kindle Store.



To show my goodwill, I released some copies at minimum and medium cost, see website:

Even the normal price, I will leave it low. Anyone who is an author knows that on the best days we do it to eat!

Thank you all, and I invite you to reflect on the subject!



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Kindle for computer, very cool for those who don't like Tablet, Web browser, with more features

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